Luna America, LLC Luna America LLC was so personable, thorough in their assessment and did not rush the physician-patient time like in many other practices. Highly recommend!.
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Luna America, LLC
Luna America LLC was so personable, thorough in their assessment and did not rush the physician-patient time like in many other practices. Highly recommend!. The most friendly, knowledgeable physician I’ve had in a while. Is interested in informing you and making you stay better. Will be back. Luna America LLC was great. They answered all my questions and explained everything thoroughly. Took time sufficient time to discuss the stuff. Loved people at Luna America LLC, they are direct and relatable. Upfront and breaks down information easily. Much appreciate their work. Luna America LLC is very attentive and physician has great bedside manner. They were patient and assisted me with all my questions and concerns. I visited this practice for an annual physical and Luna America LLC staff was excellent. They were not pushy about selling any products or services or referrals for specialists, except when it was truly relevant for consideration. Luna America LLC staff was very attentive in listening to and then subsequently explaining what she believed was the cause of my physical ailments, and her diagnoses matched what I had suspected the issue was based on my own internet research. I highly recommend this practice. Luna America LLC staff is very knowledgeable and insightful. They never make me feel like they're in a rush and always takes as much as their time as possible to answer all my questions. Physician is highly organized and efficient as well as caring. They exude a terrific energy and compassion, listens well, and explains issues clearly. They are extremely supportive in helping patients deal with complex medical issues. I always feel in competent hands and upbeat when I leave their office, regardless of the reason for the visit. My visit with Physician was fantastic. They were very friendly and communicative. They were quick to diagnose my injury and subsequently very clear with instructions for how to remedy it. They answered any questions I had, and was methodical and coherent in their answers.
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Indiba USA

Award winning manufacturer of RF-Medical Devices, globally recognized for innovation, research, and patent development.

INDIBA® is the preferred rehabilitation choice by elite athletes, national federations, Olympic teams, sports clubs, medical doctors, and healthcare professionals.


About Us - Indiba Activ Cell Therapy

Luna America – An Indiba Affiliate
Luna America, LLC - INDIBA® USA At Luna America we strive to connect physicians, and patients alike with some of the newest, and most modern health and wellness care devices around. Luna America has solidified its position as the spokesperson for international health and wellness giant, Indiba – working to introduce the US market to some of the most high-end, breakthrough medical devices. With operational hubs in multiple continents, and 65 total countries around the world – Indiba has spent over 40 years in the industry, bringing to market some of the most revolutionary technology ever seen in medicine. With its extensive research and development, Indiba has fabricated countless devices specializing in the care and treatment of multiple illnesses and conditions. Indiba’s technology specializes mainly in wellness care, rehabilitation, and overall mind and body restoration – providing non-invasive measures for treating conditions in areas such as aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, dermatology, sports medicine, physical therapy, and overall cellular rejuvenation.

Activ Cell Therapy
As a result of their research, Indiba has provided the medical community with strides in pulsed light technology, cryotherapy, and pressotherapy – while also inventing the first ever radio frequency (RF) device designed for diathermy treatments, the Activ Cell Therapy System. This groundbreaking technology has found its way into over 170 scientific publications andbeen a part of 4 doctoral theses.
As Indiba’s US affiliate, Luna America prides itself on spreading the word about this versatile technology and integrating it into the US healthcare landscape. Activ Cell Therapy truly is a breakthrough in restorative care.
The system makes use of Indiba’sProionicSystem – a 448 kHz RF mechanism which stimulates the body at a cellular level – activating electrical activity within the cells allowing them to function at a much more efficient level. The IndibaActiv Cell Therapy system offers patients countless real-world benefits, including:

  • Faster Healing from Injury or Trauma
  • Improving the Body’s Capacity for Rest & Recovery
  • Long-Lasting Non-Narcotic Pain Relief
  • Non-Surgical Tissue Recovery
  • Improving Blood Circulation & Tissue Oxygenation
  • Improved Cellular Function& Metabolism
  • Improved Protein Synthesis
  • Improved Energy (ATP) Production
  • Skincare Benefits – Improved Production of Collagen & Elastin
  • Fibrinolytic Benefits – Prevention of Blood Clot Issues
  • Vasodilation – Decrease of Blood Pressure


INDIBA®’s Proionic medical devices operate at the proper frequency that achieve the following proven biological outcomes:

INDIBA®’s continuous leadership and scientifically backed molecular biology RF applications validates INDIBA®’s 448 kHz as a particularly effective frequency to induce subthermal and thermal biological effects. Applying INDIBA®’s CAP and RES electrodes achieves a new level of patient experience due to the INDIBA® system delivering rapid pain relief and significant improvements in cellular metabolism.

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Our core goals are to ensure comprehensive training of the INDIBA® therapy methodology to all INDIBA® representatives, customers, and healthcare providers to ensure optimal care and outcome of their patients. All INDIBA® customers receive advanced training and certification of use at or near installation of their INDIBA® device, without exception. We customize our training to compliment our customers area of expertise and the patients they serve.

Indiba USA

Activ Therapy

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